Top 10 Bucks Party Ideas in Gold Coast for All Types of Guys

bucks party boat

Finding a great way to treat someone on a bucks night in Gold Coast doesn’t have to be that difficult. There are plenty of options and packages when it comes to Gold Coast bucks party ideas for you and your buddies to toss around. Whatever the guy is into, you are sure to find something to treat the soon to be groom before the big day. Many see this as his “last night of freedom,” so make sure you treat him right. To help, here are a few bucks night ideas in Gold Coast.

1. Poker Party

This is a great choice for a guy who has an inkling for risk when it comes to gambling. A great poker casino night can be a surefire way to get the night started, particularly if the dealer happens to be an attractive woman. There are plenty of options in Gold Coast for topless card dealers to host your poker party, including various tournaments and varying lengths of stay at the poker table.

2. Penthouse Party

Why not treat your friends to a getaway that’s not so far away from home by booking a penthouse? Find a nice hotel nearby and book the nicest room inside. Once you’re there, the party can begin. Many hotels will provide alcoholic beverage options for such a party, and you can choose to supply whatever types of entertainment you might find suiting for the buck himself.

3. Stripper Cruise

Gold Coast offers some of the nice oceanic scenery around, so why not take advantage of that on your bucks night? Book a bucks cruise with hot female strippers and have a party on a boat on the water, enjoying the sights along the way. You’ll also get the privacy you want from being out on the open water instead of somewhere in the city.

4. Booby BBQ

Having a bucks night by someone’s grill side isn’t a bad option either. Great food, great friends, and great drinks can all be the perfect equation when it comes to hosting a successful bucks night. The “booby” part of this obviously comes from the female entertainment you can provide for the evening if you so choose. Don’t be afraid to have a party in someone’s backyard as long as certain other elements are included that might not normally be found there.

5. Naked Sushi

There are plenty of places in the Gold Coast area where you can experience a naked sushi night, which could potentially prove to be a great idea for your bucks night festivities. It combines the entertainment many guys expect on a night like this with the topless women serving as the platter for a food many people enjoy as well: the sushi. Make sure you take a poll to see if there’s anyone in attendance who might not find this meal to be filling enough, though, and maybe opt for the BBQ option above if that’s the case.

6. Cigar Bar

Many guys find a night out at a Cigar Bar to be just the right amount of relaxation they need. This could be extremely fitting before the stress of the big day comes about. This option might be more suited for the type of guy who likes quiet evenings over more raunchy nights out, but it can still prove to be a great idea for a bucks night.

7. Jet Boating

Similar to the Stripper Cruise idea above, this offers plenty of the views people enjoy from Gold Coast, but might trade in the female entertainment for a more exhilarating option instead: the speed of being on the open water.

8. Paint Balling

Another option for the adrenaline junky: a day paint balling with friends in the party. This can be a great way to let off steam before the big day as well, and many often find this activity to be a great way to bond with friends too.

9. Clay Shooting

Clay shooting is a second option for those who might want to spend a little time with a gun in their hands. It offers a great way to relieve stress but also offers the sense of competition many guys want with their friends. It can be a great way to bond before the big day as well.

10. Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise is often a go-to for Bucks party ideas in Gold Coast because it has so many great nightclub and restaurant options in one easy-to-access location. You can find pretty much anything you would want out of a bucks night in this one place, so it might serve as the best option for those looking to be economical and minimize travel.