Why the Best Strippers Work in Major Cities

For any bloke that’s had the chance to compare a bachelor party in a small town to a bucks party in the big city, the difference is clear. The calibre of topless waitresses, topless barmaids and strippers in the major cities is simply on another level. So what is it about Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and even the Gold Coast that attracts the hottest skimpies?

We’ve got the answers:


When you’re dealing with big cities, a larger population simply means more opportunity for work. There are countless bachelor parties and bucks cruises happening every weekend, making it a smart choice for any gorgeous girl to keep busy working throughout the week as a topless waitress, nude waitress or naughty stripper!


Not only is there more work for strippers in big cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and the Gold Coast, but there’s also better money in it. Salaries tend to be higher here, giving our girls the chance to capitalise on the generous crowd of adoring bucks party guests that are ready and willing to spoil them with tips!


Simply put, bucks night ideas in the big cities know no bounds. Our girls are free to get creative with their strip shows and bring stags some of the wildest and most luxurious bucks party ideas imaginable. From bucks cruises to private parties in a penthouse suite, it’s so much more fun to be a topless waitress, topless barmaid and naughty stripper in the city.

Cover Girl Strippers in any City

Wherever you live, Cover Girl Strippers is dedicated to bringing you top quality adult entertainment that can’t be beat. Get in touch with us about your bucks night ideas and we can make it happen in any location Australia-wide.

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