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If you’re looking for bucks party ideas Sydney for giving your good mate a proper send off into married life, you can take your pick from a dizzying array of activities. From traditional options like hitting the casino to more adventurous pursuits like skydiving, there is no end to the possibilities. Get inspired for your upcoming event by checking out these 12 bucks day ideas Sydney.

1.Pub Tour

Spend the evening throwing back pints with your mates while exploring some of the best pubs in Sydney with a bucks day pub tour. You can organize and plan it all yourself, or you can hire a company to lead everyone on a guided tour. Either way, if you are searching for fun bucks party ideas, you can’t go wrong.

2. Cigar Bar

Bucks day parties are all about hanging with your mates enjoying some manly pursuits. What is manlier than sitting around a swanky cigar bar puffing on fine cigars? Add in some top shelf whiskey and, perhaps, some private strippers Sydney, and you will be in for an unforgettable evening.

3. Beach House

Sydney is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world. Take advantage of this by renting a beach house and making a bucks weekend out of it. Whether you map out a series of events to enjoy over the weekend or just make it a free for all, you and your mates will have a blast.

4. Paintball

If you and your mates are itching for some action, why not book an exhilarating paintballing excursion for the group? This is one of those unique bucks party ideas that can be adapted to suit many needs. You can spend the whole time paintballing, or you could hit some bars or clubs after the festivities are over.

5. Golf

For grooms-to-be who love hitting the links, spending an afternoon golfing with friends is one of those fun bucks party ideas that is also very versatile. Many golf clubs are happy to accommodate events like bucks parties, and you can often add in other activities like poker to keep everyone on their toes.

6. Strippers

Bucks day ideas Sydney don’t have to be too elaborate. Oftentimes, simply hiring some female strippers Sydney and enjoying some adult beverages is all that is needed. Take your time to ensure that you hire private strippers Sydney who are reputable and who know how to put on a fun bucks party show.

7. Penthouse

By getting enough mates on board for an upcoming bucks party, you could all go in on renting a penthouse suite in a swanky Sydney hotel. Choose one that is close to Sydney hot spots that you and your mates enjoy. For extra revelry, consider hiring private strippers Sydney to liven things up more.

8. Shooting

Make like action heroes with your mates by planning a bucks party outing to a local shooting range. They aren’t terribly abundant in greater Sydney, but most are well-acquainted with bucks party events and should be happy to accommodate you. When it’s all done, everyone can keep their paper targets as souvenirs by which to remember all of the fun that they had.

9. Private Stadium Box

Many times, the best bucks party ideas Sydney are right under your nose. For example, you could always rent out a corporate box at the stadium and take in a game or a show with your mates. Stock the box with plenty of libations, and consider bringing in some female strippers Sydney to serve drinks and snacks and to provide entertainment.

10. Drive Day

Luxury auto manufacturers occasionally put on what are known as Drive Days, during which their latest and most exciting vehicles can be test drove by participants. If such an event is taking place around the time of your bucks party, this could be the perfect way to celebrate your friend’s upcoming nuptials.

11. Casino

When it comes to unique bucks party ideas, hitting the casino isn’t all that original. However, you can always up the ante, so to speak, by booking a private poker room or table. This often includes your own private dealer and waiter too, which allows you and your friends to feel like kings for a night.

12. Skydiving

People often refer to getting married as “taking the plunge.” Why not take that in the literal sense by booking a skydiving excursion for you and your mates? Assuming that your friends are all thrill seekers, this is an unforgettable way to bid adieu to single life.

The best bucks parties aren’t necessarily the most expensive or the fanciest. Instead, they are the ones that reflect the groom-to-be’s personality and passions. Whether you opt for hiring female strippers Sydney or just hit the beach for a weekend, your bucks party is sure to be the stuff of legends.

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    These are some greta ideas. I am planning a bucks party in Sydney, so some of these are right up my alley. Great use of the city’s landscape to really make the most of the night.

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