How to Get A Private Lap Dance from the Hottest Strippers

One of the best things about the sexual delights found inside of a strip club is all the flavors. Every person has a completely different palate. Some really love the way that light plays delicately off of the pale female flesh of a red head. Others enjoy the sun kissed bronze of a blue-eyed blonde shimmering with glitter. And even more love dark brunette hair cascading down the curve of a back fluttering with feminine muscles. Strip clubs are a cornucopia of of sweet visual treats.

It’s a pleasure attending a strip club with your mates. You all have different tastes and each man gets to indulge his own particular senses, and this should be music to your ears. It all but guarantees that your hottest strippers will be available for a private lap dance. Here’s how to score a private strip dance with the club’s hot strippers.

Dress For Success

Strippers are always scanning the crowd for the guy who is willing to spend money on them. Present yourself like you’re the guy who has money to spend. Dress nicely in clothes that at least look like they cost a few bucks. This will bring your favorite strippers right to you. In the end, it’s all about making money for her.

Bide Your Time, Take Your Pick And Tip Well

You won’t see all the dancers right when you get into the club. Some will be backstage, others will be giving private dances and more will be wandering other parts of the club. Take a little bit of time to see them all. Grab a drink, watch a few of the dances on stage and be ready to take action when you see your hottest stripper. If she’s on stage, make sure to walk right up to the stage and tip. Wait until she sees you tip, lay down your bills on the stage and return to your seat. This all but guarantees she’ll come right up to you afterwards to ask for a private dance.

Understand That It’s A Business

When you identify your hottest stripper, you’ll likely be filled with a warm feeling. That warm feeling will likely manifest into carnal yearning as she comes closer and your body will be set ablaze when she touches you or whispers a question into your ear. This feeling might keep you in rapture but your have to understand that it’s a one-way street. She’s there to make money. Plain and simple.

You don’t need to play coy as if she’s feeling the same titillation that you are. Flirt lightly but be straightforward. Tell her that she is beautiful and you would love to experience that beauty in a more private setting. She’s not your future wife or girlfriend, she is there to entertain the people willing to pay. Be professional.

Be Upfront About Pricing

Ask your favorite girl bluntly — how much do lap dances cost? Get this information before heading back to the private dance room. Remember, it’s a business to her and she’ll have no problem showing you the price tag. You don’t want to be that bloke who doesn’t have the cash to cover the private dance after it’s done. This can get you 86’d from the club permanently and you can kiss your favorite stripper goodbye for life.

Don’t Ever Bother Strippers Doing Lap Dances

Some strip clubs have lap dances taking place out in the open. Don’t ever interrupt any private dancer, even if she’s your favorite flavor and she’s within arm’s reach. She is making money in that moment and if you interrupt that cash flow, you’ve threatened her job. She’ll be less likely to offer you a private dance later and it might even get you kicked out.

Keep It In Your Pants, Jack

She’s there to entertain you and she’s going to do a great job. You’ll feel like the center of the universe for the span of one pop song and it may give you delusions of grandeur. Don’t ask her for her number or for sex. She’s been busy making dozens of other men feel just like you all week long.