7 Activity Ideas for Bucks Stripper Cruises in Melbourne

You’ve been asked to be the best man at your mate’s upcoming wedding. That means planning a night of debauchery with his closest friends. The bride might have a problem with a night full of naked women and excess alcohol. The potential Mrs. will feel a little better knowing that he’ll be on a boat with his mates cruising the harbour. You don’t need to tell her that there might be naked women on the boat. That’s for him to confess later after the night is over.

Cruising the Harbour

While you don’t need to lie to the future bride, you don’t have to give her the entire story either. She’ll feel better if she doesn’t know that naked women will be serving her future husband drinks in an intimate setting like on bucks stripper cruises. These women are professionals. They know how to have a good time, yet they’re naked women showing off their boobs.

Naked Sushi

If the groom has never eaten sushi off a naked woman’s body, it’s an experience you’ll want to give him for his bucks party. Bring in one naked woman or two depending on the size of the party. Topless waitresses will continue to supply drinks to the hungry party attendees.

Poker on a Boat

While it’s fun to look at naked women, you might need more to occupy the hours of your cruise. You can live like a boss by having women bring you drinks during your high-stakes poker game. If you want to take it a step further, having everyone dress in polished suits to complete the 007 Bond-type scenario. A poker cruise means you’ll have a dedicated dealer wearing lingerie as well as providing the cards, tables and chips for the cruise.

Naked Women and Fishing

If you bring your own fishing gear, there’s no reason you can’t turn this into a drinking, boob-filled fishing cruise. In fact, when you tell the bride it’s a fishing cruise around the harbour, there’s no way she can complain or worry about that. He’ll have fish to bring back to shore as well as fishing stories he can share with his future wife. Although, he might leave out the part about naked women on his fishing trip.

The Levels of Naughty on Bucks Stripper Cruises in Melbourne

Along with the women bringing you and your mates drinks, they’ll perform for you in some x-rated strip shows. The ones wearing lingerie will strip down into the nude while in other shows, you can see lesbian shows where the women get to feast on each other for your enjoyment. The type of show you choose should be based on who is attending the cruise like the bride’s cousins or older brothers. The bucks party strippers on a boat can be as tame or as naughty as you want.

Tequila or Whiskey Tasting

A bucks party cruise can be a sophisticated event with wine tastings, or you can really bring out the big guns with tequila or whiskey for tastings. Good cigars, top-shelf tequila or quality whiskey and naked women can make this a night the groom will never forget. You might have to pour him into your car after the cruise, but he will love the chance to sit around smoking cigars and drinking tequila with his best mates.

Unique Dining

A bucks cruise doesn’t have to be a raucous frenzy of naked women and booze. It can be as elegant or sophisticated as the groom. A catering company can be hired to provide some unique tastings. A groom who is also a foodie will love the chance to sit down to a meal that is actually an experience. That food can be delivered with naked waitresses to make the meal seem decadent.

A bucks stripper cruises around the harbour is an easy-to-plan event that has the added bonus of soothing the nerves of your buck’s future wife. As the best man, it’s your duty to make sure you’re giving the groom the time of his life while also making sure he doesn’t lose the love of his life. A cruise is the perfect party location for a variety of events.