Guide to Finding the Best Strippers for Hire in Melbourne

hottest stripper in Melbourne

So, you’re planning a party in Melbourne and want to hire a stripper for entertainment. As luck would have it, gorgeous female strippers in Melbourne are readily available, and you can take your pick from a vast array of enticing options. Beautiful and talented strippers flock to big cities like Melbourne because they’re bursting with opportunities. Still, all strippers are not created equal. Further, different strippers are suitable for different types of parties. Does it sound complicated yet? Don’t worry. This guide tells you everything that you need to know about finding the best strippers in Melbourne.

What’s the Occasion?

First, know why you are hiring a stripper in the first place. If you’re planning a bachelor party for a mate, you’ll likely want one who is exquisitely stunning on a physical level and bright, vivacious and flirtatious personality-wise. On the other hand, if you’re planning a lighthearted event that the blokes will talk about for years, midget strippers, gay strippers or other novelty entertainers could be more apropos.

Things to Keep in Mind while Looking for Strippers in Melbourne CBD

Whether you’ve hired strippers before or are doing so for the first time, there are do’s and don’ts that directly affect how easy–or not so easy–the process will be. That’s particularly true if you’re determined to have the best of the best at your event. There are certain unspoken rules that should be followed to ensure that you get the best entertainers for private hire. Here are the most important things to keep in mind:

  • Consider the Occasion – It’s very helpful to know what kind of event you have in mind before looking for a stripper. Explaining your vision to the agency makes it easier for them to pair you with a suitable entertainer. Of course, that’s if you choose to select a stripper through an agency, which is typically the path of least resistance.
  • Have a “Type” in Mind – If possible, have some sort of idea of what “type” of stripper you’re after. It’s easy enough to say, “someone hot,” but that’s not specific enough. It’s okay to be specific about appearances, for example. Do you want someone who is very petite? Do you prefer hourglass figures? Do you fancy a blonde, or would a brunette be better? Again, knowing what you want is supremely helpful. If you prefer someone exotic, you can easily find hot Asian strippers in Melbourne as well.
  • Book Early – If you are particular about the type of stripper that you get, don’t wait until the last possible minute to find one. For optimal results, book as early as you can. Ideally, get the process going about three months before the event. While Melbourne is awash in talented, stunning strippers, the very best ones are in understandably high demand. The only way to have a chance of booking one is by starting early.
  • Get Recommendations – Chances are that you know at least a bloke or two who has hired a stripper for an event in the fairly recent past. If so, ask what they thought of her and whether you should try hiring her too. Like anything else, getting a personal recommendation can be very useful in this type of situation. If you’re lucky, it will lead you to the perfect person with minimal effort.
  • Shop Around – Sure, it seems a little strange, but if you can’t get any recommendations, you should take your time and shop around a little. Definitely don’t rush the process, as it could cause you to end up with an entertainer who just doesn’t fill the bill properly. Shopping around may include contacting multiple agencies and visiting several strip clubs in search of the perfect entertainer.
  • You Get what You Pay For – As with so many things in life, when hiring a stripper or topless barmaid, you definitely get what you pay for. In other words, you can’t get the best strippers in Melbourne while paying as little as possible. That’s just not going to happen. Even for novelty entertainers, like dwarf strippers, you’re going to pay a premium. One way to reduce the sticker shock a little is by having everyone contribute to the total cost. This works especially well for bachelor parties, where everyone except the groom-to-be chips in to make the experience more affordable for all.
  • Personality Matters Too – All too often, blokes strictly focus on a stripper’s physical attributes and pay little mind to her personality. This approach then backfires when it turns out that while the girl is undoubtedly one of the hottest skimpies around, her personality is as dull and lifeless as can be. The best entertainers are outgoing and truly love what they do. They aren’t shy, and they bring out the best in the people who they are entertaining.
  • Use a Contract – Since you’re hiring strippers for a fun, lively event, the idea of signing a contract probably seems a little strange. However, it’s actually one of the best ways to ensure that you get what you want out of the experience. A contract can be used to outline everyone’s expectations, which reduces the risk of issues cropping up along the way. It protects both the entertainer and you by holding everyone to certain expectations. Further, the best strippers typically require contracts.

If you’re looking for a stripper for an event other than a bachelor party, you’ll have a few other considerations to make. Namely, if you’re going to hire midget strippers or the like as a sort of funny type of entertainment, the qualities that you will look for will differ considerably. No matter what type of event you are planning, though, attempting to hire cheap strippers in Melbourne is unlikely to get you what you need. Your options will simply be a lot more limited. As mentioned before, think about having everyone pitch in to defray the costs a little.

Hiring the best strippers in this vibrant city doesn’t have to be difficult, but it’s not as easy as choosing a name at random, either. By keeping the preceding tips in mind, you’re sure to find a private hire entertainer who not only meets your expectations but exceeds them.

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