How To Treat Strippers: Guide To Touching, Tipping & Talking

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Hiring a stripper for a stag party can be a fun experience for men. However, it can also be awkward if it is not approached correctly. Some men have misconceptions about talking to strippers, touching them and what it is really like to be around them. Venues for striptease dances were originally called “gentlemen’s” clubs, and many still bear that title. The key idea to keep in mind to make the night fun, relaxing and memorable is to always be a gentleman. Strippers should be viewed as entertainers and not possible hook-ups or sex objects. These are some essential tips to remember for a private party with strippers.

Touching Strippers

Can you touch strippers? This is one of the most common questions. However, there is no definite answer. Some strippers may allow light touching, and some strippers may not want to be touched at all. When hiring a stripper, the person in charge of hiring should ask if they are allowed to touch strippers. Some private party firms have strict rules about this and may even send security with the women to enforce them. Independent strippers may allow touching for extra money, and some dancers may allow it freely to encourage more tips.

If the night arrives and nobody has asked about touching boundaries ahead of time, ask the woman or women if touching is acceptable beforehand. Men may also ask to touch during a dance if it seems that the woman wants it. In some cases, strippers may touch men and may place a man’s hands on their body. If this happens, do not let hands wander. Let the dancer guide them, and always remain a gentleman. Strippers are more likely to let a respectful man touch them than someone who treats them like they are owed a feel.

Golden Rule: Never try touching a stripper without asking and offering a tip first, and do not touch her unless permission is granted.

Tipping Strippers

The most important tip to remember is that strippers are in the business for the money and not for touching or to be touched. Tipping is a good way to show appreciation for a dancer sharing herself, her time and her art form. Most guys wonder how to tip strippers properly. Giving a large tip at the beginning or end may not be ideal. It is better to have a large tip of that is broken up into smaller amounts. Distribute the money throughout the performance or performances. When it comes to how much to tip strippers for a private party lasting an hour or two, decide on how much you want to spend at the maximum before the night begins, and make it last over the course of the night. Tip more if there are multiple strippers or if the party is larger and lasts longer.

Golden Rule: Start tipping early on in the performance to give the stripper assurance of appreciation, which will in turn yield a more enthusiastic and exciting performance.

Talking To Strippers

For many men, learning how to talk to strippers may seem hard. A chat with strippers does not have to be awkward. Never use crude or slang language when referring to the woman’s body. Also, do not make insinuations about sexual activity or talk dirty unless she initiates it and wants it. Since the nature of their job makes some strippers feel like objects at times, most prefer to be respected and complimented. For example, it is better to compliment a stripper’s overall beauty or face than to direct a sexual compliment at her exposed body parts.

There may also be times during a stag party when a stripper or strippers are not dancing. Making regular conversation with them is usually acceptable. Avoid asking personal questions such as where the woman lives or what kind of car she drives. Ask what she likes to do, if she has pets or similar non-offensive questions. With strippers who do not want to talk about themselves, try talking about yourself. Use humour or anything you wish except for vulgar sexual topics. If a stripper does not want to talk, respect her boundaries for that. Some prefer just to dance and go home. When a stripper does not seem chatty and does not want to be talked to, offer her some bottled water and an empty room to relax in if she wants to take a break during the party.

Golden Rule: When talking to a stripper, keep the conversation non-personal but about her as much as possible.

By tipping generously, talking respectfully and asking about boundaries, the party will surely be a fun night to remember for all men involved. Some strippers may choose to reward gentlemen with lap dances or other erotic experiences for their respectful behaviour.

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