5 Groom Shower Ideas


Planning to have a groom shower in Melbourne and not sure what to do? Check out these ideas to give the groom to be the most memorable of pre-wedding parties.

Who says brides get to have all the fun before the big day? An increasing number of grooms are gathering their favorite mates for a day of fun at their very own wedding shower. A groom wedding shower includes activities that mirror that of a traditional bachelorette party, but it will typically include a lot more debauchery, alcohol, drinks and hijinks. A man shower usually precedes the main event: the bachelor party. A groom wedding shower often takes place in the backyard, on the golf course or inside the man cave. A wide range of groom shower games and activities are often planned by attendees in advance. A rousing game of poker, a beer tasting event or a fun round of golf are just a few pre wedding celebration ideas for the groom.

Hit The High Seas

One of the most luxurious wedding shower ideas for a man in Australia would be to book a day out on the harbour on the bucks party cruise. You can completely customize the bucks party cruise experience to suit the needs and desires of the groom. For the budget-conscious groom, you can plan a small party boat adventure and share the experience with four or five other small parties. If the groom is more of a “no expenses spared” kind of mate, you can book a private vessel complete with several deluxe suites and a caterer. One of the highlights of booking a day trip on the Bucks Party Cruise is the one-on-one attention you will receive from the on-board bikini and lingerie waitresses. If you would like to kick the party up a definitive notch, you will not regret upgrading the experience to include topless female strippers and showgirl dancers.

Local Entertainment: Party Strippers

Speaking of topless ladies, no groom shower would be complete without a visit from some local strippers for hire in your community. You can personalize the experience by having the entertainer dance to a notable song, take on a specific persona, or wear a costume with a specific theme that relates to a memory or inside joke with the groom. Whether you choose to go to a strip club or hire a local cutie to pop in and perform at the bachelor party venue of choice, this will surely make the groom’s special day memorable.

Round of Golf

The sports enthusiast groom may love spending a day out on the golf course with his best mates. You can start the event off with lunch and a few beers at the country club diner and pub, and then set out for a double round of golf. Include some friendly wagering on the course to really spice things up and generate friendly competition with the mates. For example, you could place a per-hole bet that the lowest score buys the groom a beer. Perhaps the mate with the lowest score of the day has to buy lunch or dinner for the entire party. Placing friendly wagers allows all to enjoy the day in a unique way, and the bets also keep the focus and benefits on the groom.

Poker Night/Backyard Barbecue

Arguably one of the most manly ways to celebrate the upcoming nuptials is to have a day centered around meat, beer and cards. Guests could bring their favorite homemade marinades or micro brews as gifts for the groom, and all attendees can enjoy a carefree and laid-back day filled with a plethora of good food, thirst-quenching beer and laughs with friends in the man cave. It can also be decided in advance than any bets or winnings earned during the game can go towards wedding expenses for the groom.

Attending A Sporting Event

For the avid sports enthusiast, you could surprise your mate with an all-inclusive day at the stadium. In lieu of gifts, you could ask attendees to chip in for things like box seats or meet-and-greet tickets to make it a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the groom. Hanging with the mates at a big game is a win-win experience for all. If the home team wins, it will make the day absolutely perfect in every way.

There are a plethora of groom shower games and activities that you can plan no matter the budget; just keep the primary focus on the groom and his lifestyle and interests and think outside the box. For the groom who has every gadget and trinket, you should focus on providing him with an experience-based day of fun. For the young groom just starting out or the guy with an unwavering passion, you may want to purchase items like barbecue grills and housewares to add value to the new home or theme-specific gifts for the avid enthusiast. A day out with mates can eliminate all the stress associated with wedding planning.

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