4 Parties to Have Before a Wedding | Pre Wedding Parties

pre wedding party

Your wedding day is coming, and there are some parties you will attend before. Follow our guide to help you get ready for most of those pre-wedding celebrations. You will also get to realise the various types of pre wedding parties which will prepare you for the big day.

Engagement parties

An engagement party is the first party before a wedding which is attended by friends and family members to celebrate the couple’s recent engagement. In most cases, the announcement is a surprise where a toast is proposed to celebrate the newly engaged couple.

Traditionally, the event was hosted by the bride’s parent, and the groom’s parent may organise another party too. Times have changed, and anyone can choose to throw a party for the couple, especially if the parents are deceased or far from the country. This ceremony takes place a couple of months after the couple announces their engagement and can be held in any serene environment. There are, however, no gifts expected to be given during the ceremony.

Bridesmaid Luncheon

A Bridesmaid luncheon party is hosted by the bride as an appreciation for her maids for standing with her during the pre-wedding planning stages. The bridesmaid may also decide to host the party in honour of the bride, and there are no restrictions on who should be the host. Although the celebration is referred as ‘luncheon’ the time of holding the ceremony does not matter and can take place at any time of the day or in the evening dinner. The Bridesmaid luncheon takes place a day before the wedding in either a formal or an informal setting. The location is quite flexible, and the ladies can choose to have the party is a banquet room, outdoor park, the hostess’s home or a restaurant. During this ceremony, the one hosting the party gives gifts to the guests.

Bachelor/ Bachelorette Party

A bachelor or bachelorette party is usually organised by the best man and the maid of honour respectively. Friends and relatives may be included in making the arrangements without much involvement of the couple. These parties are mostly attended one week before the wedding as a casual get-together. These parties may last for the entire night or more than a day, and so it is not appropriate to have them a night before the wedding as the couple, and the guests need enough time to rest before the big day.

If you are asking yourself what parties do you have before a wedding, then this is one that you don’t want to miss. The groom can be treated to a night out in a bar, casino or strip club in the company of men, while the bride can be treated to a girls-night-out in a club or a spa.  Depending on the couple’s preference, the members organising the ceremony will be in a better position to decide which kind of venue the couple will feel comfortable. A groom, for example, who do not hang out at a bar may be treated to a weekend camping, skydiving or golfing. One of the most popular destinations for celebrating bucks party is Sydney. If you are looking for a destination to throw an ultimate party. Sydney might be a good idea.

The occasion is entirely funded by friends and relatives, and the couple is not allowed to incur any expenses. The attendants organise the kind of gift that they will buy for the groom and the bride and have the best man and the maid of honour in charge of collecting the funds.

Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner is the final party done before the wedding day and is usually hosted by the groom’s parents. There are, however, no strict rules as to who should host the party as it can be done by the bride’s parents, close relative or friend. He party entails practising the schedule of the next day, and hence, all those who are involved in the wedding need to be present together with their spouses or partners. The rehearsal dinner is the best time to allow guests who are travelling from far to arrive at the location and also get to know each other better.

In a rehearsal dinner, there are no gifts given, unless there are guests who had not yet delivered their gifts before and would wish to do so before the wedding. The location is also quite flexible and can be done in a restaurant or an open park.